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Pèllaro is a seaside resort in the south of Reggio di Calabria (10 Km away), mostly hilly and slopes down towards the sea, forming a natural bay overlooking the coast of Sicily.
Famous is the beautiful beach of Punta Pellaro to the orographic conformation of the place, the “wind Channel”, thermal wind dominant throughout the year within the area of the Strait of Messina is a precious ally for the sports activities of surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, attracts fans from all over the world.
From the vineyards of the hills is born the red wine Pellaro IGT.

The City of Reggio Calabria
Reggio Calabria, city of millennial history, which was founded around 743 a.C centre for the propagation of the Magna Greece.
Arriving in Reggio Calabria and visit the "Lungomare Matteotti", defined by Gabriele D'annunzio “the most beautiful Kilometre of Italy”, The National Museum of the Magna Greece rich in archaeological finds that testify to the greatness of the city, is where the “Bronzi di Riace” statues of warriors dating back to the fifth century. a.C, the Cathedral and the Aragonese Castle (XVI cent).
Do not miss the tasting of Bergamot, as the essential basis for perfumes, used in cooking and desserts, and is the only citrus fruit in the world that is only found in the province of Reggio Calabria, its natural habitat.

How to get

From 'Highway A3 Salerno-Reggio C. exit Circonvallazione SS Taranto. 106 - Output Pellaro Lume 

FS long-distance central station of Reggio Calabria-Local train Reggio Calabria-Pellaro (15 min.)

ATAM 113 Reggio Calabria-Pellaro Lume

Airport of the Straits "Tito Minniti" SS.106 follow the direction Taranto. Output Pellaro Lume


-Bed & Breakfast Feudo 43-

Street Feudo n.43 localita' Pellaro -89134 Reggio Calabria (italy)

mobile phone +39.3914343544

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